InnoVenture is the annual technopreneurship competition organised by the Institute for Engineering Leadership (IEL) at NUS where the students solve real-world problems.

Students learn key aspects of technopreneurship and, in teams, develop an idea to a solution that includes a business case. Students will become part of a larger innovation and entrepreneurship community in the Faculty of Engineering facilitated through the Institute for Engineering Leadership.


Eligibility Criteria and Credits

InnoVenture is open to all graduate levels and faculties at NUS. Teams are encouraged to form multi-disciplinary teams as much as possible to enhance creativity and skillset within the team.

NUS Faculty of Engineering undergraduate students can earn credits (2MC + 2MC) through InnoVenture under the Technopreneurship and Incubation Program. For more information and the eligibility criteria please see:

Our Latest: InnoVenture 2016

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Innoventure From Past Years

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